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1.0.3 Design Preview

Posted By: cheddar420 Jun 06 2012 09:48 PM

I think they're on the right track with these changes...even if any change to attack speed is gonna hinder my 2.4 attacks a sec on my chain lightning/orb wizard. I'm not so wary of the loss of damage, it's the effect it will have on cast animation I'm worried about. Though with the changes proposed for inferno the effect on kiting shouldn't be to tough on my squishy wizard. It even makes me hope that using the glass cannon passive will be possible on her once again.
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Game Design Update

Posted By: Elfangor May 29 2012 05:19 AM

Bit of a lengthy blog post about upcoming changes in patch 1.0.3. Updates to a number of areas of the game - Blacksmithing and Jewlcrafter cost reductions, legendary items update, removing some of the spikiness of incoming damage in Inferno difficulty, and last but certainly not least, PTR in the works to test out the PvP patch.
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Site Updates

Posted By: LeftAnswer Apr 27 2012 11:34 PM
As you have probably noticed, the site look has changed a little bit. The reason for this is because DiabloRealm has been updated to the latest version of the forum software we use (I.P.Board). The software update is one of the first steps toward preparing the site for the arrival of Diablo III. During the next few weeks, the staff here at DiabloRealm (and possibly also some members) will be utilizing some of the new features of the site for the creation of Diablo III content.

As part of the software upgrade process, a new theme had to be created. As you can see, we decided to base the new theme off of the one we had previously. Due to the short turnaround time for the creation of the theme, there is likely to be a few oddities here or there. Most of these will be things like border, background, or text colors clearly being too bright or incorrect for the theme. If you come across any of these "oddities" it would be of great help if you could post them here in this thread.

I would also like to use this post to thank Elfangor for his generous donation of our new content management system.
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4-20 Open Beta

Posted By: Sage Apr 19 2012 09:41 PM
Source: http://us.battle.net...ekend-4_19_2012

Apparently they're allowing everyone to test the game this weekend, so if you don't have a beta key, now would be the time to tide yourself over until may.


We're pleased to announce the Diablo III open beta weekend, which offers open access to all players with a valid Battle.net account! Beginning this Friday everyone is invited to log in and help us put the game and servers through their paces in this three day stress test as we march toward the game's release on May 15. You can begin downloading the Diablo III client right now!

From Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT you'll be able to log in, team up with friends, and play each of the five heroic classes to level 13 as you fight to save the world from the impending demonic invasion.
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Diablo 3 Launching May 15th

Posted By: Elfangor Mar 15 2012 05:59 AM


The End of Days approaches…. Diablo III will be unleashed from the Burning Hells on May 15, 2012, and you can be ready to play the minute the servers go live by pre-purchasing the game digitally on Battle.net today.

Beginning May 15, players around the world will be able to return to Tristram to discover the dark secrets of a fallen star and begin their quest to save Sanctuary from the impending demonic invasion. To secure your place as a barbarian, monk, demon hunter, witch doctor, or wizard right now, simply log in to your Battle.net account, and then purchase and download* Diablo III, and you’ll be ready to play when the game launches.

As we all know, the game will be releasing soon™. Only time will tell if they actually stick with this release schedule, though.

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Diablorealm Has Moved To A New Server

Posted By: LeftAnswer Apr 13 2011 07:54 AM
As I am sure a few of you have noticed, DiabloRealm was under maintenance for the last couple of days. During this maintenance, we moved to a new web host. The new host has a much better reputation than our previous one, so the site should do well here.

As of (04/14/2011), both the diablorealm.net and realmgaming.net domain names have been transferred and pointed to the new server and should work for most users although some may still be directed to the old server. For those users, a day or two should solve that problem.

As with any move of the site, some things may break. If you find anything that doesn't appear to work on the site, please notify me so it can be fixed.

I would also like to take this time to announce that Cheddar420 has been recently promoted to a Moderator. He has been doing a great job lately with reporting spam and has proven himself to be a good team member!
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Warning About Pms

Posted By: LeftAnswer Apr 12 2010 07:24 PM
There have been reports of some private message that claim to be from DiabloRealm staff which contain links to other websites with potentially harmful software. Please do not click any of these links as they are not really from DiabloRealm staff. In the future, be sure to verify that the incoming messages are really from our staff before taking any actions.


Here is an example message:
Dear, xxx!

Spam sending from your computer was detected.
We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately:(malicious website)
If you do not pass this test we will have to delete your account and forward a complaint to your ISP with attached log file (your IP address, etc.).

Forum Administration diablorealm.net

These messages are usually purposely not sent to the real staff and thus we are unable to take immediate action against them. Because of this, we ask you to please forward any PMs like this to a DiabloRealm staff member.

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Diablo 2 Beta Patch 1.13

Posted By: MattNo5ss Dec 11 2009 01:28 PM
"We traveled for an eternity..." - Marius

Travel no longer my friends - the Diablo II 1.13 Public Test Realm is LIVE!

NOTE: This is a beta patch that can only be played on the beta realm.

Patch 1.13


A new Mystery has been revealed!

- Players of Hell Difficulty Realm games are hereby warned once again,
that a series of new and challenging tests await you! The answer lies
within Diablo's Bosses, which span across the world from the Den of Evil
to the Throne of Destruction...

Major Bugs

- Fixed an item dupe bug.
- Video improvements for Intel Mac machines with OS 10.5 or greater.

Minor Bugs

- Uber Mephisto now checks for both Uber Baal and Uber Diablo to be killed before spawning summoned minions (Before he would only check for Uber Baal).
- The game will no longer stop and then restart the game music after the window loses and then regains focus.
- Fixed an issue where the game window would minimize when running in windowed mode when it lost focus.
- Fixed an issue where the game window wouldn't center properly when it was created.

Specific Changes & Improvements

- Respecialization is now possible! Completing the 'Den of Evil' quest will now additionally reward 1 free respec which can be saved. Players who have already completed this quest should receive 1 free respec in Hell difficulty.
- Increased the drop rate of high runes.
- Support for blit scaling in windowed mode. The game can now be maximized to the largest 4:3 resolution supported (hooray widescreen users).
- Some rare drop items now have an orange color. i.e. Runes and items required for Uber Tristam.
- Modified the gold bank limit to be a flat cap not bound by level.
- Nightmare/Hell WilloWisps champions/uniques have had their damage greatly reduced.
- Removed the requirements to create a hardcore character.
- Greatly reduced the explosion damage dealt by Fire Enchanted monsters.
- Uber Mephisto and Uber Baal's summoned minions no longer give experience.
- Removed Oblivion Knight's Iron Maiden curse.
- Hellfire Torch Firestorm proc rate has been reduced to 5%.
- Users can now toggle the display of text over the Health and Mana globes by clicking on the bottom area of each orb.
- Updated two Act 5 mercenary names to Klar and Tryneus.
- When creating a single player game, pressing the 'Enter' key now automatically creates a Hell difficulty game if possible.
- When creating a game, each difficulty button is now bound to a unique key: Normal 'R', Nightmare 'N', and Hell 'H'.
- The 'Enter Chat' Button in the battle.net waiting room is now bound to the 'Enter' key.
- Added the windows system buttons to the game window (MIN, MAX, CLOSE).
- Added new command line parameter '-nofixaspect' which allows users to not fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 when maximizing windowed mode. This lets the game 'stretch' to fill your monitor.
- Added support for '-sndbkg' command line switch. This enables sound in background.
- Added support for '-nosound', '-window', and '-windowed' command line options.

Revised Skill Balance for Player Character Classes


Immolation Arrow - Increased radius of Explosion effect by 33% and Immolation effect by 50%.
Immolation Arrow - Explosion effect damage increased by 20%.
Immolation Arrow - Increased base duration by 33%.


Shadow Master - Increased resistance range per point from 5-80 to 5-90.


Whirlwind - Reduced initial mana cost by 50%.
Masteries - Changed critical strike chance from 0-25 to 0-35.


Blessed Hammer - No longer ignores resistances of undead and demons.


Werebear - Damage bonus increased by 15% across all ranks.
Werebear - Increased health by 25% and armor by 1% per point.
Shockwave - Synergy from Maul adds 5% damage per point.


Blood Golem - Removed negative shared life effect (player no longer loses life when golem takes damage).
Corpse Explosion - Increased base damage dealt from 60% - 100% to 70% - 120% of corpses health.
Poison Nova - Increased base damage by 15%.


Firewall - Synergy receives 1% damage per point of Inferno and Blaze and 4% per point of Warmth.
Blaze - Synergy receives 2% damage per point of Firewall and 4% per point of Warmth.
Hydra - Increased base damage by 15% per rank.
Hydra - Increased base speed of Hydra projectile.
Hydra - Reduced cooldown by 25%.
Lightning Mastery - Reduced overall effect by 15%.


Q: How do I begin testing on the PTR?
A: When you start Diablo II change your Battle.net gateway to "ClassicBeta". When you log in the 1.13 patch will be applied to your game and you can begin testing the changes made in the patch. Since it's a new realm you'll need to create a new account.

Q: I don't see the ClassicBeta realm in my gateway list!
A: Log into one of the other gateways first, then back out and the classicbeta realm will appear.

Q: What if I want to play the normal game again?
A: Simply choose any of the other (non-PTR) gateways. Your game will be reverted to version 1.12 and you'll be able to play on the live realms as normal.

Q: Where are my characters?
A: The PTR realm is separate from the live realms so your current characters aren't carried over. You'll need to create a new character to begin testing. But, cheats are enabled and you may use the following cheats by typing them into chat while in a game:
Gold # - Will provide the amount of gold specified
Level # - Will increase your level to the number specified
Waypoints 1 - Will activate all waypoints. You must still reach an act before that act's waypoints will be unlocked with this cheat.

Q: What happens to my characters once the PTR testing period ends?
A: They remain on the PTR realm to be removed once the test ends. Characters on the PTR realm won't transfer to the normal realms.

Q: How long with the PTR run for?
A: As long as we deem necessary to ensure the patch and changes are solid.

Q: Where can I give feedback and what kind of feedback do you want?
A: All 1.13 PTR feedback and bug reports should ONLY be posted in the Diablo II Test Realm Forum here: Diablo II Test Realm Forum

- All post should have a subject line that clearly describes the bug or feedback being given
- Use the search feature to ensure a thread doesn't already exist before posting
- When reporting a bug include as much information as you can, including steps to reproduce it if possible
- Any non-constructive posts may be deleted and the poster's privilege to post revoked
- This is a chance for you to ensure the 1.13 patch includes changes and balance tweaks that you think would lead to a better overall experience. Getting the information to us in a clear and logical way helps us understand your view and makes it easier for us to collect feedback for any potential updates to the 1.13 patch before release.
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Website Upgrades

Posted By: LeftAnswer Oct 18 2009 08:20 PM
Finally, after over a week, it was noticed by someone (Killen4Fun) that the website has been changed back to DiabloRealm. This was done as part of our preparations for the next coming of Diablo.... Diablo III!!! As before when DiabloRealm changed names to RealmGaming, the website can be still accessed by both diablorealm.net and realmgaming.net. Also, this change does not mean that we will drop our support for other games such as World of Warcraft, but it does mean that our primary focus will be back the Diablo series (Not that it wasn't before). In the coming weeks, I will be working on updating the site's forum layout and content to address Diablo III better. Additionally, I will be updating our forum software to the newest version, although this may take some time as I will have to rewrite many of the custom mods I made as well as the theme.

As for RealmGaming, I still have some plans for this URL in the future, so all will not be forgotten. I will post updates about this at a later date.

I will be periodically posting news updates on the status of these changes. As with all major changes, I would like to hear your input on what you thing about what we are doing, and if we can do anything else to make DiabloRealm even better. So please leave your comments in this thread.
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Monk Announced At Blizzcon

Posted By: skiskiacm Aug 21 2009 03:30 PM
Blizzard has announced the fourth of the five classes for Diablo 3 today at blizz con in Anaheim. The monk appears to be an exact opposite of the barbarian, quick yet fragile, however this character seems highly dynamic.

Blood Everywhere

Blood SuperNova

Crippling Wave

Impenetrable Defense

more information about the monk can be found here
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